PRORISC is an annual conference on Integrated Circuit (IC) design and SAFE is an annual conference on Microsystems, Materials, Technology and RF-devices. Both conferences are organized together within the three technical Dutch universities Twente, Delft and Eindhoven. The conference is organized by PhD students and is intended for PhD candidates to expand their network and share their research ideas, which provides a unique opportunity for future collaborations. Each year, one of the technical universities will be responsible for the organization of the two conferences. In 2019 the PRORISC will be held at at the campus of Delft University of Technology. In 2020, the conference will take place in Eindhoven.

This year PRORISC and SAFE will be held on 4 and 5 July. 

Conference Chairs:

Prof. dr. Kofi Makinwa, TU Delft
Prof. dr. Paddy French, TU Delft

SAFE programme committee:

Prof. dr. Paddy French, TU Delft
Prof. dr. Fred Roozeboom, TU/e
Prof. dr. ir. Gijs Krijnen, UT
Prof. dr. ir. Juriaan Schmitz, UT
Prof. dr. ing. Wolfgang Krautschneider, TU Harburg (D)
Prof. dr. Regina Luttge, TU/e
Prof. dr. Michael Kraft, KU Leuven (B)

PRORISC programme committee:

Prof. dr. Kofi Makinwa, TU Delft
Prof. dr. ir. Bram Nauta, UT
Prof. dr. ir. Peter Baltus, TU/e

Organising Committee:

Hui Jiang, TU Delft
Douwe van Willigen, TU Delft
Annemarijn Steijlen , TU Delft
Gerd Kiene, TU Delft